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LED Light Therapy



Topical Light Infusion is the only light-based facial infusion technology available that safely and effectively addresses a variety of cosmetic concerns and is far superior to other infusion technologies currently available. Unlike traditional LED light therapy, TLI’s active facial infusion system is intended to combine colors of light with topicals to directly affect the tissue being treated. TLI uses specific doses of visible light energy to propel key skincare ingredients into various layers of the skin.

Wrinkle Repair Treatment: (2 Step Topical) 

This treatment uses a combination of proven powerful peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and collagen to re-hydrate the face and increase collagen and elastin formation resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It aids in decreasing flaccidity, lifting sagging tissues, and restoring skin tone and texture resulting in an overall improvement erasing years from the face. Eight treatments are recommended. Maintenance once every six weeks or as needed can prolong the youthful appearance.

Brightening Treatment: (2 Step Topical) 

This treatment utilizes kojic acid and vitamin C to improve discoloration caused by sun damage, chemical build-up, chemical reactions from chemical peels, and excessive use of skin-damaging products. This Topical Light Infusion (TLi ) process helps to normalize the melanin within the skin. The amount of treatments needed varies depending on the amount of damage to the skin and the age of the client but most individuals respond well to 8-10 treatments.

Body Firming Treatment:

For best results, this treatment should be applied only after the target area has been exposed to physical stimulation by a cellulite system such as GX99, Vela Smooth, etc., or by manual manipulation such as rolling the skin tissue or performing a deep tissue massage. This results-oriented 20-minute treatment allows the delivery of potent ingredients which have been shown to increase circulation, lipolytic activity, firmness, elasticity, and skin density resulting in the appearance of smoother, firmer skin.

Post Recovery Treatment: (2 Step Topical) 

This treatment is intended to boost skin remodeling using a potent vitamin C serum and GHK copper peptide cream. This serum and cream-based combination will help soften, smooth, fade and reduce the appearance of scars including burn scars, surgery scars, acne scars, and plastic surgery scars. Please note this setting is usually most effective with new scars.

Peptide Pro Nutrient Boosting Mask:

This powerful peptide nutrient mask boosts the skin’s hydration levels and delivers potent antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to instantly revive aged and photo-damaged skin resulting in a healthy glowing complexion. It also contains Aldenine®, a remarkable anti-aging peptide designed to restore elasticity and protect the skin from aging. This nutrient mask is designed to be used in conjunction with the standard anti-aging Topical Light Infusion (TLi ) series. Please see recommended protocol for complete details.

Collagen Renewal Boosting Mask:

This treatment rejuvenates and tightens the skin, boosts collagen production, and fights free radicals. This concentrated mask contains a multi-mineral chrono-energizing complex, known as Sepitonic®M3. Sepitonic®M3 re-energizes the skin by enhancing its oxygenation and stimulating cell respiration and the synthesis of the cell’s energy mediators (ATP, DNA, Proteins). Within 24 hours, these newly revitalized skin cells begin the process of producing collagen, glycoproteins, and elastic fibers in the skin’s extracellular matrix.

Blemish Control Treatment:

This treatment is ideal for congested and oily skin. The concentrated gel-based mask contains several Power Pure ingredients designed to reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin tissue, and reduce unsightly blemishes resulting in an overall improved look and feel of the skin.

Retinol Revitalizing Retinol Treatment:

This treatment is extremely effective at increasing cell turnover and improving cellular communication resulting in improved tone, texture, and overall skin health. Our retinol mask delivers a high dosage of retinol with little to no irritation and redness. It will assist in the stimulation of collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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